Rules And Regulation

  1. Each of our students should be sincere, disciplined and punctual. It is the tradition of Polba Mahavidyalaya.
  2. She/he should not make noise in the library, the classrooms and the college office. Silence should be maintained while moving through the corridors and the Assembly Hall.
  3. Each student is to participate in and keep discipline in various functions, meetings, competitions and such other activities of the college.
  4. No student will be allowed to get in or out of a class without teacher’s permission.
  5. Regular and attentive class attendance is compulsory. Percentage of attendance will be taken into account in preparing results of the class tests or other examinations. Absence from the Honours class for three consecutive weeks without any intimation to the College Authority will lead to dropping the name of the students from the Attendance Register.
  6. Students should observe all examination rules and abstain from adopting unfair means in the Examination Hall.
  7. College Identity card should be collected from the college office and should be kept secure as proof of studentship.
  8. The Institution expects every student to have self-respect and to be proud of being a student of Polba Mahavidyalaya.
  9. The Academic Calendar is to be regularly filled up. Application explaining reasons of absence is to be made as per proforma printed in the Academic Calendar.
  10. Use of Mobile Phone inside the Classroom and College Building is strictly prohibited.
  11. After the commencement of classes every student will have to regularly follow all Notifications made by the College Authority, which will be displayed on the Notice Board. Information of general nature like, application for free studentship, date for filling up forms for University Examination, etc. will not be communicated individually.
  12. Registration and Enrolment: Generally within stipulated period of admission, each student is required to fill up Registration-cum-Enrolment form. This is a must for every student and as the University of Burdwan here gives a date line, and no student is generally allowed to fill up Registration-cum-Enrolment form beyond the date. If the Registration-cum-Enrolment form is not filled up in time, a student will not be eligible to appear at the University Examination subsequently.
  13. Without permission beforehand, a student will not be allowed to enter into the protected areas of the Mahavidyalaya, viz., the Library, the College office, Principal’s Chamber and the Staff Room.
  14. Students found guilty for damaging and misusing College property will be dealt with severely and shall be punished as per degree of offence.
  15. Loitering of students outside the class room is strictly prohibited. Students should not create chaos, and quarrelling inside the Campus and by the side of College Office .It is forbidden and attracts prohibitory measures.
  16. Students can meet with the Principal Sir on urgency from 03:00 p.m. to 03:30 p.m. on all working days, If the Principal Sir is in Office.
  17. Attempt to create nuisance of any sort within the College premises is a penal offence and will be dealt with accordingly as per Rule of Law.
  18. Students should take a note of the display on the College Notice Board every day and act as per instructions.
  19. Outsiders will not be allowed to enter into the college premises without permission from the authority, failing which appropriate action will be taken against the trespassers.
  20. Students must keep the college campus clean and try their utmost to keep it environment friendly.